Being dead doesn’t change who you were.

Posted: April 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

In my lifetime, I’ve probably been told the rumor of the Ultimate Warrior being dead at least a dozen times… well, the rumor isn’t a rumor anymore. Jim Hellwig, better known as the Ultimate Warrior, has died of an apparent heart attack at 55 years of age. Though my grandmother has always told me if I don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all, I can’t help but express my opinion on someone I have never understood an ounce of their popularity. His promos ran on and on, sometimes hard to understand and other times completely outlandish. His in ring work was, for lack of a better term, shitty. He held Vince McMahon up for money, refusing to do business. Not to mention the absolutely horrid person he was, his homophobic, beyond ultra conservative viewpoints on the world when he himself was addicted to steroids, at least for a time period. Now, wrestling fans and staff members alike are mourning this mans death as though the wrestling world has actually lost one of it’s treasured legends when the media has immediately turned all of Warriors disparaging comments on various subjects and his obvious steroid use back on the wrestling business as a whole and use it as yet another way to make our business look bad.


When Warrior beat Honky Tonk Man to end the longest Intercontinental Title reign, I would later on think that that match was literally a battle between two of the biggest asshole’s I have ever met. The biggest asshole won. Now that this guy has died, I see all these people expressing their sadness. I just can’t find myself sharing this sadness. As far as I am concerned, this guy never contributed a damn thing to the business. His comments on Heath Ledger after his death were some of the most disgusting things I have ever heard. His verbal word attacks on the LGBT community were beyond insane. I just don’t understand how a bad wrestler and a bad human being gets all this boo hoo. If you disagree with me, you have a right to that opinion because after all, this is just one assholes opinion.


PS- in case you haven’t figured it out, on Sunday April 13th at Thunder After Thunder, there will be no 10 bell.

  1. Brach McRae says:

    A man who had disparaging things to say about an actor immediately after the untimely death of the actor because he depicted a gay man in a movie, should also be open to a high degree of criticism after his own untimely death.

    Of course people on television whose ratings rely on pleasing viewers who have zero interest in the wrestling business, will demonize the wrestling business over the death of this guy because they think their audience wants to have another thing in this world to point their fingers at as being a terrible thing. In the case of Nancy Grace, I do believe the majority of her viewers like to play the blame game when it comes to things like this.

    By the way, I haven’t been to a ton of your shows, but I’ll always remember in 2002 that you did a ten bell salute for one of your loyal fans who passed away. Very classy!

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